The Most Common Forms of Tooth Trauma


Interestingly enough, people are always concerned about their children playing organized sports, and football, and lacrosse, and basketball, and baseball. To be honest with you, most of those sports are well controlled and people wear the proper equipment. We don’t see a lot of trauma in our office through organized sports. There are the occasionally cases but where we really see the majority is when kids are messing around on the driveway playing basketball without a mouth guard, riding their bike without a mouth guard. We even had a great patient of ours who wears his mouth guard during hockey but in the locker room, someone threw him a deodorant can and someone else hit it with a stick and he went to grab it and it hit and broke his front tooth. He was joking, “Do I have to wear my mouth guard all the way til I get to my car?”

I think things just happen in life. Probably the most common things we see are chipped and broken teeth. We request people to be as careful as they can with their teeth. We ask them to be careful about opening potato chip wrappers, biting onto fishing line, opening pistachio nuts with their teeth – things that when it causes a problem you say, “I know I shouldn’t have done that!”

You have one set of teeth for your life and we want you to keep them as long as you can. If for some reason something happens (and yes, life happens), we at Stoneridge Dental are more than happy to help you get them fixed.

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