Dental Emergencies
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Dental Emergency?

In the event of a dental emergency, call the Shelby Twp. office at (586) 739-6400 or the St. Clair Shores office at (586) 771-3440 or Clinton Twp. at (586) 412-7100. We can assess your situation and determine what the next steps are – often with one phone call. Our office is open Monday through Friday and Saturday mornings. After hours, we are available by calling the office.

Most emergencies can be seen the same day since most services are done in-house and so patients with extractions, root canals and denture repairs can be done immediately.

Sports and accidental injuries are treated daily at Stoneridge Dental. Bonding, veneers and crowns can repair teeth with restorative dentistry to return them to their original beauty and usefulness. Ask our staff which solution best fits your needs and budget.

Often toothaches occur in the worst time – on weekends and after hours. Call Shelby Twp. at (586)739- 6400 or St. Clair Shores at (586) 771-3440 or Clinton Twp. at (586) 412-7100.

Remember that Stoneridge Dental is the “lecture free zone.” We will advise and quickly tend to the problem, alleviate your pain and get you back to work or play as quickly as possible.

Dental Emergency?

Call (586) 739-6400 in Shelby Twp. or (586) 771-3440 in St. Clair Shores or Clinton Twp. at (586) 412-7100 for quick service.

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