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laser teeth whitening macomb county dentist

At Stoneridge Dental today, the most common way to whiten teeth is with in-office laser whitening. In years past, we would do at-home bleaching – similar to an over-the-counter whitening but at a stronger prescription strength and we would recommend to do it every day for fourteen days. Most people had sensitivity so they would then do it every third day and now their teeth were sore for a month and a half. Many people, unless they were really into having these white teeth, would probably stop somewhere in the middle. But things have changed!

With this new in-office procedure, we’ve dramatically reduced sensitivity. Patients come in and in an hour they can leave with their teeth beautiful and white. With the new materials, the white teeth continue to get even whiter for the next couple days and then we do the maintenance dose. I think the big reason it is so popular is that it is  compared to porcelain laminates and porcelain crowns. It is very economical and you really get your bang for your dollar. It’s a beautiful way to make your teeth look white and pretty. Who doesn’t like white and pretty teeth?

We’d be happy to invite anybody in for a free consolation to take a peek and see if dental whitening is right for them!

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