Improving Your Smile – How to Achieve the Best Results


If you are looking to improve your smile, you will be in good hands at Stoneridge Dental.  We enjoy improving smiles and we invite people to come in and have a consultation.  You can bring a spouse or a friend or a sibling and we’ll discuss all the different options – there is a multitude of options that we can do to restore someone’s smile. Of course there are also other things to take into account –  timeframe, how much time do you have before the desired result, how extensive do we want the work and then there is always a budget too.

We take all of those things into account as well as the health and the structural strength of the teeth and we will make a specific treatment plan for you – a unique patient. It is our pleasure to do that with multiple options. We can provide before and after pictures and really educate on what the choices are so you can make an informed decision. Improving a smile and making patients happy is one of our favorite things at Stoneridge Dental!

Dr. Anthony Bielkie is the founder of Stoneridge Dental where patients can find all dental services under one roof and where the team of staff are welcoming and dedicated to making your dental visit a very pleasant part of your day.  To learn more about Stoneridge Dental, visit or call (586) 739-6400 in Shelby Township or (586) 771-3440 in St. Clair Shores or (586) 412-7100 in Clinton Township.

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