Improve Your Appearance With Orthodontics

Orthodontic treatment really can change an adult’s appearance. It can do a lot actually, which is nice. How teeth are situated in your mouth really accents the lips and profile of your face. These are things that people don’t always put together. They usually think, “Oh, your teeth are separate from everything else, just in your mouth needing to be straightened.”

Proper alignment of your teeth and proper alignment of your jaws can make a big difference in the protrusion or retrusion of your lips and how everything looks from a profile standpoint. Of course, making your smile look much, much better as well.

With regard to appearance, Orthodontics can make that smile nice and straight and big and wide, something you always wanted. But it can also change subtle things like the lip position and the jaw position as well as the profile of your face.  All can make a really, really nice difference in appearances for adults.

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