Advice for Parents: Lead by Example


The best advice I have for parents of young children in making sure their kids have healthy teeth for life is to consider leading by example. I know that’s harder to do than to say. If your children see you brushing and flossing before you go to bed, if your children see you picking healthy snacks, I think they’re going to respect that and follow along.

The other thing is to get them to a dentist at a very young age. For most of our pediatric patients, before they even meet the dentist, they get to pick something out of the treasure chest. They get to go for a fun ride in the chair. They love coming to the dentist! If the first time they see a dental professional they have six cavities and need three teeth pulled, it’s most likely not going to be as great of an experience. Parents should make that great experience and really encourage it.

Once people get used to brushing and flossing every night before they go to bed, it is a habit that makes them feel good. If they lay in bed, they want to get up and get their teeth brushed, learning from a young age that it’s part of life.

The best thing a parent can do is lead by example and to help their kids be healthy and happy.

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