Top 5 Reasons Kids See the Orthodontist

The top 5 reasons kids are seen for orthodontic treatment are:

  1. Adult teeth are too close together when they come in.
  2. Adult teeth are too far apart and you see spaces in between the teeth.
  3. The bite is off, as people may say, meaning the jaw on the bottom is too far forward or the upper jaw is too far forward. Things are not matching up.
  4. Children have bad habits such as thumb sucking and finger sucking. Those habits can affect how your mouth grows.
  5. Teeth are missing or a tooth just won’t come in and is being stubborn.

If you think something is not right, it is a good time to come in and see the orthodontist and just make sure that we take care of anything that you might have concerns about or think you might need treated.

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