Benefits of a Root Canal

Often times, people become concerned about needing a root canal. Bottom line is that you never want to have a toothache.  If there is a toothache, you want a root canal to remove the infection which will decrease the pain and make you feel better.

So the first thing I’d like to tell people is to really please not worry about getting a root canal.  I can’t tell you how many times our patients said “Oh my,  if I knew it was that easy, I would have come in a long time ago!” Unfortunately, some people put off the treatment that’s going to make them feel better – for fear of the treatment itself.

The first thing we do once we determine that you need a root canal is make sure that the area is thoroughly numb. Prior to drilling on the tooth, we  numb you and be sure that everything feels okay and that you’re absolutely comfortable. For some people, who are apprehensive, we’ll use some nitrous oxide or some oral sedation to help make them feel more comfortable before we start the process. Then once you’re comfortable, it should be the last time that tooth is really painful like that.

After the area is numb, we go inside of the tooth and clean out the infection and put some medication in there.  Once we remove the infection that’s in there, we fill the inside of the tooth with a little rubber material.  In most cases, we’ll recommend a crown which fits over top of the tooth to help protect the tooth because it’s brittle.

Afterwards, there will be no cold sensation in the tooth at all because there will be no nerve left in the tooth. It may be a little tender to biting at first but most people have no pain at all. We advise a couple Motrin the first day if necessary and within a couple days, it feels great. So for anybody out there who is nervous, please don’t be. Come on in and we’ll take good care of you. If you have a toothache and need a root canal, I’m sure you’ll feel better real soon after the procedure.

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