Customized Oral Sleep Apnea Device


Stoneridge Dental has a great number of patients who have been drastically improved by wearing a sleep apnea oral appliance. The appliance puts a little pressure on the lower front teeth and the jaw can be strained a little bit but the overall benefits far outweigh this slight discomfort.  There is no question that people should give them a chance. I can tell you that we’ve had many patients along with their spouses who are very pleased with their sleep apnea appliance because they stopped snoring and we took care of their sleep apnea problem.There are many different devices and they are very customized from very thin to more bulky with different weights depending on the clinch and the bite of the patient.

The best way to learn more would be to come in and we can review the pros and cons of each device and the cost and we can discuss from there what would work best. Get the latest information on sleep apnea and there are always new and improved devices. We always try to stay at the cutting edge of the latest and greatest.

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