Creating a Good Dental Experience at Stoneridge Dental

Our dental philosophy helps to create a good experience for our patients by not prejudging what people want and with that I think that we approach it a little differently than some.

I consider myself an educator, so we educate the patient on the problems that we see. Obviously, we want to hear their concerns to help tailor a treatment plan to help them in the way they want to be helped. Just like we’ve all had that teacher in school that was encouraging and uplifting, that is what we try to do at our office. We try to help show you the problems that we see, we try to talk to you about the multiple different options and we listen to you to help formulate a treatment plan, so that we’re producing a quality result of something that you truly want, something that truly means something to you.

It is our pleasure to be a part of peoples’ families and perhaps being a very small, but significant part of somebody’s life. It’s extremely rewarding and fun.

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